Project Cemadik

2018, another year of success

The Project had a very busy and successful  year.

Our first “kid” has started her university career in August. After three years she will be a qualified nurse.

She is working/studying very hard and with much joy. We are very happy that we can support her financially. She keeps coming to help teaching the little ones on Sundays, whenever she has the time.

And so do Putu Eva and Ayu. They both are in their 2nd year at High School and want to go to university as well. Ayu’s parents can afford this, but Putu Eva will need our support. She wants to study accountancy to work later in the hotel business.

We hope that we can make it possible for her to go to university, but we still need some funds to make it happen.

Four more children have started a High School education in July this year. That makes a total of seven children from poor families who are receiving a higher education so far.

We realize that more parents understand the importance of a higher education for their children, although this  means a big financial sacrifice for them.

To all the donors we would like to thank you for your support  and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

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