Project Cemadik

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Managing such a kind of project is not easy and is not cheap.
To give you an idea of our efforts…

Around 20 kids between 7 and 13 years old attend playing,  learning, swimming and homework sessions over 4 days a week. From the 7th grade onwards parents have to pay around 70 Euro for school uniforms and books – most parents would have to  take out a loan to pay for that – unless there is someone like us who supports them. We provide the games, lots of teaching material, books, laptops and the Computer teacher needs to be paid for.

…and an idea of our costs…

estimated monthly costs for learning material, worksheets, snacks after learning/swimming sessions 150 €
computer teacher, setting up and repairing 2nd hand laptops 120 €
other annual costs for swimsuits, schoolfees, books, games etc. 1000 €

The roughly estimated future costs for Komang Yuliantari (she wants to become a doctor) are 15.000 Euro

Thanks to the generous contribution of some friends we could collect already 3.000 Euro.


If you wish to support us, here are our bank details: Projekt Cemadik, account nr: 7163622
IBAN: DE19701691950007163622


We are registered in Germany as a charitable organization and can provide donation receipts on request.