Project Cemadik

Your contribution

The project has grown quickly over the past few years, and I’ve reached a point where I can’t accommodate every child that would like to join – it simply exceeds my capacity and I can’t accept any new students at the moment. It is also difficult to find volunteers to help me.  The children who joined me a few years ago are now approaching the end of the obligatory 9 years of school, and without financial support their education will end, reducing their career options to being a farmer or laborer in their own little village. It is my intention to continue supporting these children, and – when the time comes,  to help them find the financial means to ensure they can continue their education, maybe even go to university to ensure their talents are not wasted.
However, I cannot facilitate this on my own, it exceeds my own financial means by far.
It costs around 70 Euro to pay for uniforms, shoes, bags and books – for many fathers that equals a month’s wages. Entry into the next higher school can cost up to 300 Euro. Next year there will be three students who need that money to be able to continue their education.  I am grateful for any support provided, each Euro or Dollar can help give one of these children a better education, a better future, and a better life for their own family.

Our bank details: Projekt Cemadik, Account nr: 7163622
IBAN: DE73710610090007163622