Project Cemadik


During these years, we had the opportunity to open the doors of our home to host some friends to share a little bit of our experience with these children. We are so grateful for their contribution.

Here below are their comments.

Juan Manuel and Victoria Cabello, Singapore

We met Marlis and Peter in 2011. They were the ones who introduced us to Bali’s culture, tradition and people. Memories will stay with us forever and our life will count with two new friends. It is time to give back to South East Asia, a region that has hosted us for almost 4 years. Cemadik is the right cause with the right people. A clear example of the importance of passion and persistency to change circumstances.

Florencia Del Marmol, La Plata (Argentina)

Certainly having met Marlis and Peter is one of those experiences that I’ll remember for life. They not only opened the doors of their house, but also their hearts. The affection and warmth we experienced allowed us to connect with Balinese culture in a special way. Considering also the possibility of participating in this project that provides opportunities and tools to these children, made the experience even more enriching.

Saverio Zuccotti, Turin (Italy)

I’ve been lucky because I could spend a beautiful weekend as Marlis and Peter’s guest. I was told I would have seen something impressive with the children enjoying Marlis’ classes. Well, when I saw the eyes and the smiles of those guys and girls coming to spend almost a day to study English or Computer Science I actually realized it wasn’t simply a matter of giving some notions, but something much bigger: building  your own a chance for your life, no matter where you come from.