Project Cemadik

What we do

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Within the group we often play with Lego, puzzles, memory and a number of other games. The kids don’t know this from home and they enjoy the activity, which also allows them to discover new ways of thinking and problem solving.


Many kids have difficulties reading and writing, even if they are  already in the 2nd or 3rd grade.
Most of them can hardly solve basic maths problems. In small groups I go through what they have learnt at school, and explain  to them if they have any questions.

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Games (for example with dice or cards) are a great way to help them practice  maths theory they learn at school – in a fun way. I have also created a small library with about 300 books,  that they can borrow  and read
at home – something they would otherwise not have the opportunity to do.

All what we do just aims at giving opportunities to our boys and girls.