Project Cemadik



Three years ago I started with basic English lessons. The children are very eager to learn, and make good progress. I hope to be able to start with a new group in July 2015. For that I need the aid of a volunteer.

Computer science
Project Cemadik - 79

Time to learn MS Excel with practical use cases

Two years ago I hired a young Computer specialist to teach a group of children the basics of Windows Word, Exel, Power Point and Photoshop. Friends in Germany sponsored the first set of second hand laptops. They have already passed their first exams and received a computer certificate.

I hope to start with a new group in July 2015, but I still need the necessary laptops to be able to do this.

Project Cemadik - 102

During a Math class

Many of the children’s parents have never gone to school. Consequently they can never help their children if they have problems at school. They don’t understand the importance of practicing reading and writing and doing numbers as often as possible. That’s what we do in a playing way. By using  flash cards and dice, I’ve developped a game where the children learn  basic mathematic operations like adding, subtracting, multiplying and decimals, only by using dice.


Up till today I’ve taught about 35 children how to swim. Before we start our math or English classes, we  have a training session, practicing breast-stroke, freestyle and backstroke. The fun part then is diving, diving up stones, snorkeling, jumping and even rescue-swimming and swimming with clothes. They learn how important  a strong and healthy body is.